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Feb 12, 2013 8:00pm PST
you the product, psa. [laughter] >> california founders understood the importance of citizen oversight of local government. our writing into the state constitution requirement that each county will convene a civil grand jury with the express purpose of investigating local government activity. each year your county court, it's citizens just like you that serve as watchdogs over the government the jury has powers and local government is required to provide information the jury needs to conduct this investigation. the result of investigative reports can improve how local government does its job. reports also form the public about the performance of their government. serving on a civil grand jury is not only an experience you'll never forget, but you'll also learn extraordinary amount about how your local government carries out its responsibilities. * i encourage you, encourage you to do your civic duty and hold your local government accountable by contacting the california grand jurors association to learn more about your county's civil grad jury and how you can apply to serve. (applause)
Feb 11, 2013 2:00am PST
, production and ultimate distribution of the psa. i hope you liked it by the way, when you watched it. >> they did a great job. it was great. [laughter] >> first and foremost we thank the lieutenant governor, the star of the production, for lending his presence, prestige, and stature and or -- or ratory to the project. ken mali, script writer, director and producer brought this idea to reality. * we also acknowledge and thank the man behind the camera, richard. and who edited and filmed the psa. and finally my thanks to my tga partner and our vice president bolting house and to my colleague and predecessor keith north for their leadership in moving the psa to the fruition and launch today and to all others that were involved. on behalf of the california grand jurors association, i cannot emphasize strongly enough how this effort and the resulting product advanced preservation and the promotion of the grand jury institution which our constitutional forefather's thought so important to democracy in california. from william e. trout man, california grand jurors association, president. (
Feb 28, 2013 10:00am PST
's division, i am going to take you deeper into these results. you see the psas and that is how reorganize the units. the next slide, second from the left shows you that she straddled the districts it was to make them equal for each of the managers and the park service area. and then, of course, ggp is the regional park on its own, if you look at this, the scores are pretty much consist at or above the threshold and we are pleased to see that. our goal in that column to the extreme right, the parks scoring less than 80 percent is to minimize those as much as possible and we are pleased to see what happened and the psa five service area. where that scores went up 2.67 percent and the manager had no low scoring parks below 80 percent and so we intend to use that operating model as a model for others and what we notice with this particular manager and very timely and attentative response to the deficiencies that were pointed out in the park evaluations. then, again, this is digging deeper, so that was kind of looking at over all scores and we rate 14 features in each park. those are the list
Feb 12, 2013 7:00am EST
to talk about that. >>> and then why is al weathering the elements in this new psa? he will explain. >>> nuclear test overnight from a defiant north korea. nbc's jim miklaszewski is at the pentagon this morning. mick, what can you tell us? >> nobody was surprised by the test itself. they knew it was coming. no one knew the exact timing. this one, in fact, has set off alarm bells. early readings are that this nuclear device that was tested may be three to six times more powerful than any previous nuclear test by the north koreans. the north koreans also claim that they did it with a much smaller device, perhaps meaning that they have made progress in miniaturizing nuclear weapons that could be put on the top of ballistic missiles that could ultimately threaten the united states. nobody is confirming that yet but it's got everybody's attention. now today's test drew a rapid and strong response from the white house. the president condemned the blast, saying it threatens u.s. security and that the danger posed by north korea's threatening activities warrants further, swift and credible
Feb 11, 2013 9:00am PST
edited and filmed the psa. and finally my thanks to my tga partner and our vice president bolting house and to my colleague and predecessor keith north for their leadership in moving the psa to the fruition and launch today and to all others that were involved. on behalf of the california grand jurors association, i cannot emphasize strongly enough how this effort and the resulting product advanced preservation and the promotion of the grand jury institution which our constitutional forefather's thought so important to democracy in california. from william e. trout man, california grand jurors association, president. (applause) >> well, finally, i want to thank all of you for being here for this event and for helping to shine light on what i've begun to call california's best kept secret. so, from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of the california grand jurors association, thank you for all your help. and please, on your way out, take advantage of some of the literature, the san francisco gazette from your past jury is available. and other brochures and information about the califor
Feb 14, 2013 4:00pm PST
with the ad council to create public service psas about it. savannah guthrie joins me right now from boston. you know, it was in 1961 i believe that "the other america" was written by michael harrington and that led to the war on poverty. where are we at in that front? in terms of people being hungry, kids. >> it's one of the shocking things about the great recession and still we see the fallout from it, chris, it's not just the very, very poor, who as you well know have always been with us, but families who have either one parent, sometimes both parents have lost a job or people being underemployed, not having the quality of job they had before. and when i talk to these kids, just to be clear about it, they're not starving. it's not that they go days without eating. it's that they don't have enough. they're not full. a lot of these kids told me, "i just don't eat breakfast." that school lunch is the first meal they get. and sometimes the schools rotate the meal. so they're not really getting their first meal until much later in the day. i talked to a little girl who said she and her mom, s
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Feb 2, 2013 10:00am PST
year. big question the debate comes in when you have a low rate risk. do we follow them with a psa which we know is not a sensitive test. are we going to do more biopsies and what is the anxiety for the patient. your doctor should be a detective. should really look at the history that you have. look at the psa, the rise of the psa. how many are positive and put it and say, look, i think this is low risk. we'll watch it, or there is a risk of spread. >> kelly: i have to ask you. it's begging the question. how many doctors will take the time to be that detective for a patient who may have a low risk prostate cancer situation? how do you keep following it? does it rely on the patient being his own detective and going back again and again? >> i think you are bringing up really excellent points. for viewers, people that are diagnosed with prostate cancer, you must listen to this. you have to be your own doctor. you really have to search for the best and most experienced person for prostate cancer if you are dealing with it. i think medicine has become very complicated. medical doctors,
Feb 26, 2013 5:35am EST
everyday things that we take for granted become almost impossible to do. >> that is dr. koop in a psa with actor johnny depp and then assistant secretary of health back in 1988. koop served as president reagan's surgeon general from 1981 to 1989. his nomination met a wall of opposition because of his conservative ruse but he is now remembered as a hero to aids activists. he was 96 years old. >>> ikea says it is withdrawing its famous meatballs from stores in 21 countries overseas following reports that the meat could be contaminate. move comes after authorities in the czech republic detected horse dna in packs ever the frozen meatballs. ikea said it has not made its way to any stores in the u.s. all meatballs in the u.s. are made from a u.s. supplier. >>> while not getting enough sleep can impact just about every aspect of your life. >> that runs the range from your appear at this time to your sanity. not getting enough shut-eye could even alter your genes. more on that is up next. >> we are also checking with tucker for more on the rain that is heading our way today. some areas will
Feb 22, 2013 2:00am PST
. we're talking about bid bird, who now appears in a psa with michelle obama. this time they're promoting healthy eating. >>> meanwhile, former first lady laura bush is requesting she be pulled from a psa featuring same-sex marriage. it features comments she said in 2010. the group respect for marriage coalition has dropped her from the spot and replaced her. >>> vice president joe biden is the administration's point man on gun control, but he raised eyebrows earlier this week when he said his advice for home self-protection would be to fire a shotgun into the air. now several officials are coming forward saying that move in delaware would be illegal unless you were in fear for your life. oops. >>> treasury secretary nominee jack lew might have a funny looking signature, but that won't stop him from answering question. he's responded to more written questions from congress than all of the treasury nominees since 1995 combined. he answered 444 questions compared to 405 from the previous six nominees. >>> and the grandson of former president jimmy carter is getting some thanks
Feb 13, 2013 7:00am EST
, and they are empe they are impeccable. >> right. we'll have more later on that. >>> natalie's turn for her psa. she brought along zara, her favorite member of the family, coming up next. >>> we have steve harvey, author. with great advice on this valenti valentine's day. my mother. my mother. >> hi, son. >> that's even more disturbing than the harlem shake. >> we'll talk to steven a couple of minutes. this coming friday, it is a friday field trip. savannah and i will head to boston, massachusetts, for a field trip. we will be broadcasting live, everything from quincy market to lobster market and everything in betwe between if you're in the area, come check us out. keep tweeting us your photos of boston using the #todayinboston. we'll see you at the end of the week. >> very cool. >> right now, let's head inside. natalie has a check of all the headlines. natalie? >> good morning, matt and al. good morning, everyone. >>> sources tell nbc news the body found overnight in a burned-out mountain cabin in southern california is that of christopher dorner, suspected of killing four people, including two pol
Feb 11, 2013 7:00am EST
. they're celebrating their 70th anniversary and we decided to actually get involved and make psas for issues that are important to us. peggy conlan is the president and ceo. happy anniversary. >> thank you so much. >> how do you choose? there's so many great ideas and causes out there. how do you pick which ones you get involved with? >> we're looking for campaigns that will make a big impact on the country, what people can do to help themselves and their families, eat right, exercise, look for signs of autism and things we don't want them to do, like drive drunk, texting and driving. >> the iconic campaigns that the ad council has put together. is there real evidence that the psas are making a difference? >> they do. we measure the impact of these campaigns very carefully and statistically. and we can tell you that things like 85,000 lives have been saved by people using seat belts, 15,000 children have been adopted from foster care since we began our foster care adoption campaign. there are so many great pieces of evidence. >> we got a chance to see how it all comes together and
Feb 12, 2013 7:00am PST
weathering the elements in his brand-new psa? we'll explain that. >>> we're going to start with the breaking news. new nuclear test overnight from a defiant north korea. nbc is live at the pentagon. mick, what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning, savannah. we've been here before. this one has set off some serious alarm bells. first of all, early readings indicate that this nuclear device exploded by the north koreans may have been anywhere from three to six times more power than than previous tests. at the same time the north koreans claim they were able to achieve that with a much smaller device. that would indicate that they could be making progress in miniaturizing a nuclear weapon and it could be put on a missile and theoretically launched at the you states. no one is confirming that, but it got everyone's attention. this blast got the immediate and sharp response from the white house. president obama says it threatens. u.s. national security. he says the united states will continue to take steps necessary to defend ourselves and our allies. and as matt mentioned a moment ago, the se
Feb 14, 2013 2:00pm PST
with a commercial, a psa, they wanted to be a part of the solution. you know what really struck me? they all wanted to hep kids who had less than they did. when we taped these interviews, it was not that long after sandy. and some of these kids said i want to share my food with people who may have less than i do. >> let's look at the psa. let's watch it, the result of your hard work, savannah. >> an we're off. >> you got plans? >> you bet. >> 50 million americans struggle with hunger. but we can do something about it. >> excuse me. >> what's going on? >> please join me in helping put food on their tables. together, we can feed america. >> you guys get going. i'm going to get the plates. >> plates? >> sav aurks nnah, i was impressed by that. i have to tell you, i do know about poverty. it's the worst case scenario. what you've found is pretty close to bad, but not the worst. and that's a reality that we didn't know about. >> yeah, the psa is designed to make people think about it. this is the land of parenty. a lot of us have the ability to give and there are a lot of people in need. and it's not th
Feb 6, 2013 12:35am PST
, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. see your doctor, and for a 30-day free trial, go to [ babies crying ] surprise -- your house was built on an ancient burial ground. [ ghosts moaning ] surprise -- your car needs a new transmission. [ coyote howls ] how about no more surprises? now you can get all the online trading tools you need without any surprise fees. ♪ it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. >>> his golden voice has won him the hearts of millions of die-hard fans and he has sold over 25 million album worldwide. now josh groban is ready to burst back on to the charts with a sixth album. despite all his high profile accomplishments, it was his ski ball that made a lasting impression when they went on the town. ♪ >> josh groban oozes that nice boyish appeal, the pop meets baritone. he has sold over 25 million records. but there is a dark side to groban, rarely seen by his fans. >> you're beating me. >> i am so kicking your butt right now. >> yes! >> right now, at david buster's arcade in manhattan -- >> precious winnings. >> i'm
Feb 9, 2013 12:35am PST
, vomiting, and increase in psa. see your doctor, and for a 30-day free trial, go to >>> to get a hint from the scene behind me tonight, a massive blizzard is battering the northeast dropping up to 3 feet of snow, whipping up hurricane-force winds in connecticut, rhode island, new york, new hampshire, massachusetts, all declared states of emergency tonight. at least 500,000 homes and businesses now without power. the rest of us hunker down to ride this thing out. our extreme weather teams ginger zee reports from the bull's-eye of this storm, boston, massachusetts. >> reporter: snowed in, shut down, and nor'eastered. more than 40 million americans are being forced to spend their weekend indoors, thanks to this. a nor'easter that will likely make weather history. the brunt of this beast is hitting right now, snow falling at amazing rates. 1 to even 4 1/2 inches per hour. winds gusting from 50 to even 70 miles per hour. and on a crazy night where only the plows are running, we hopped in with a captain of this boston city plow. this one? oh boy, now i'm driving. oh boy. to see how t
Feb 14, 2013 12:35am PST
count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. see your doctor, and for a 30-day free trial, go to >>> ever since barack obama called them fat cat bankers, the president's relationship with wall street has been less than cozy. but today saw a strange twist. the president's choice for treasury secretary had to defend his time as a wall street insider. while republicans railed against bailout bonuses within banks once considered too big to fail. the same banks whose investors lost millions in the financial meltdown. my co-anchor bill weir has the story. >> reporter: a ghost of the financial crisis came to haunt congress today in a most unlikely forum. >> there are risks that we need to be very much on guard against. >> reporter: his name is jack lew, a guy with one of the most sterling reputations in washington. >> mr. president, it's an honor to be here. >> reporter: as a loyal and low-key numbers crunching wonk, he has worked his way up to white house chief of staff and is the president's choice for treasury secretary. >> wall street dives more than 360 points. >
Feb 21, 2013 12:35am PST
, increased red blood cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. see your doctor, and for a 30-day free trial, go to >>> from high stakes office pools to last minute box office crams, the big night is only four days away. oscar mania reaching critical mass. tonight dusting off the record books to bring you a look at the last eight decades of the academy awards. >> it's been 84 years. >> close, gloria stewart, academy's oldest ever nominee. this is the 85th year of the oscars. by the end of the night sunday one of nine films will be named 85th best picture. maybe. in 2002, "a beautiful mind" wasn't handed the oscar until 1:00 a.m. eastern, 4:23 after the show began. if you think that's long, in 1968, the academy awarded best foreign language oscar to "war and peace" the novel turned film ran nearly 7 hours long. you can see the shortest best picture winner "marty" almost five times in the same stretch. speaking of short, sunday's pint-sized best actress nominee, stood 3 feet tall when she shot "beasts of the southern wild" less than three times the heig
Feb 22, 2013 12:35am PST
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Feb 19, 2013 2:00am PST
, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. see your doctor, and for a 30-day free trial, go to >>> welcome back, turning now to some of the big political stories of the day, let's bring in linn sweet, a washington bureau columnist, linn, good morning, thank you for joining us. >> reporter: good morning. >> now, let's start with the big budget battle looming in washington, we're just ten days away from the big spending cuts. who will pay the price ultimately? >> reporter: congress is a very unpopular institution in the united states, even though it is partisan wrangling. >> jesse jackson jr. expected back in court, due to charges of misusing campaign funds. >> reporter: there is an appearance here, they charges wife, sandy, who has a count of income tax fraud, this is a serious family situation and a legal situation. she could face time or probation, we expect both of them in court this week. >> and speaking of political comebacks, as we reported, former governor mark sanford running for a house seat. he resigned in 2009, after having an affair with a woman in arg
Feb 21, 2013 2:00am PST
, vomiting, and increase in psa. see your doctor, and for a 30-day free trial, go to but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands? >>> welcome back. we got some developing stories to tell you about. in syria, a car bomb exploded this morning in downtown damascus. eyewitness said that the blast went off at a security check point between the government building and the russian embassy. reports that there were no deaths but at least four injuries. >>> five people are the died after a late-night plane crash in georgia. it ran off the runway at mcduffy county airport. s. >>> the white house is quietly moving to have the supreme court overturn california's ban on same-sex marriage, but president obama told the san francisco tv station that he doesn't want to inject himself too much in the process, the high court will take up two cases surrounding same-sex marriage later this year. >>> former congressman jesse jackson jr.
Feb 24, 2013 2:00pm PST
of the psas are able to approach or are well-above the 85% threshold we aim for. what we're trying to do for the public, of course, is to present outcomes that they can appreciate. you know, to provide parks that have great facilities, and so when we do our park evaluations we break them out into 14 features. these are the various aspects of the park the benchs, the children's play areas, hard scapes, lawns, that really denote the various types of maintenance and types of experiences that the users have. again they have been very stable. the changes since the last year are fairly small. and over the time you can see that the department is has really different focus to the area s where there is high use, the gardens, restrooms, athletic fields have improved. there are low use areas, wider in acreage and harder to maintain, but also, it reflects the park evaluation process itself. and something that we're working on. the open space is only graded on a single score. and as a result, it can vary in its score greatly from evaluator to evaluator and from time to time this. kind of oscillatio
Feb 7, 2013 10:00am PST
having this program go international. it is in its infancy. >> again, with the psas is the neighborhood fliers, brochures, and we have had community meetings, many community meetings that i am sure that you have attended with the station captains, and the station community meetings where we inform the community of these types of robberies just so that they are aware of the types of activitis that they should look out for in terms of the criminals identifying them as marks or what they can do to make themselves safer. i think at this point that is all that i can think of. again, i just wanted to note that one of the cases again the court land street corridor, that is not a unique circumstance where we were able to arrest these violateors for the cell phone robberies. in that case, again, i have to emphasize that we are using technology to our advantage and we were able to track the stolen phone from the victim and ap-prehend the individuals who are responsible for 6 robberies and looking into ten additionals. i think that i am optimistic that we can close a lot more of these robberies. >
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 526 (some duplicates have been removed)